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Frequently asked questions

To request an invoice or make a query of movements of your device, we need to know its number. You can check it on the back of the Via-T device or in the acquisition contract. The number has 16 digits, including the expiration date.

Each entity manages the invoices of its customers, contact directly with the company with which you contracted the service.

You will have access to all the information about your monthly consumption, your discounts, invoices, and passage receipts.

If you want us to send you the invoices by email, you just have to fill out the request indicating that you do not want to register in the Customer Area. We take care of sending it to you. However, remember that in the Customer Area you can find out about all the discounts and promotions of the highway.

You should manage the password change through the Customer Area  in the Change Password section. If you cannot change the password, contact us via email at info@autopistadelsol.com.

Register in the Customer Area and you will have all the proofs of your trips at your disposal.

Our discounts are automatically applied to the card or Via-T you use. Check our discount policy in the Rates and Discounts section.

Visit our Rates and Discounts, section, don’t miss our discounts!

Access the Customer Area and fill out the request you will find in Other Information. Our team will contact you shortly to resolve any questions.

Fill out our Other Information form in the Customer Area, indicating your Card or Via-T number and the dates you need.