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Our community

Roman Theater of Malaga
The collaboration for the conservation and restoration of the Roman Theater of Malaga – 542.668,122€
Megalithic Necropolis of Corominas
The collaboration in the construction of the interpretation center of the Megalithic Necropolis of Corominas – 901.528,09€
Church of the Incarnation of Casares
The collaboration in the conservation and restoration of the Main Church of Casares – 1.419.990,69€

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its inception, Autopista del Sol has collaborated on rehabilitation, conservation, and construction projects of emblematic buildings in Malaga, Estepona, Mijas, Casares, contributing more than €3,000,000 for the improvement of our community.

Recently, we have signed an agreement with the Estepona Town Hall for the conditioning and landscape improvement of the four existing islets at Junction 155, contributing to the wealth and improvement of the area where we operate. Among other actions, we have carried out the placement of tree species and light points for their illumination. We are committed to and work to maintain the good image of the town and to continue being “The Garden of the Costa del Sol.”