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Road safety

At Autopista del Sol, we are proud to have the UNE-ISO 39001 certification, which endorses our excellence in Road Safety management both internally with our employees and externally with our users.

Autopista del Sol will be the first highway in Spain to complete the adaptation works of its tunnels to RD 635/2006.

These adaptation works will result in a significant increase and improvement in the safety equipment of our tunnels, which will comply with European directive 2004/54/CE, thus ensuring a faster and more efficient management of actions in case of incidents and/or accidents.

Autopista del Sol has 10 tunnels that are being  adapted to the safety requirements established by the aforementioned RD635/2006. 

Tunnels in the Málaga-Estepona section:

  • Montemayor Tunnel
  • La Quinta Tunnel
  • Río Verde Tunnel
  • Nagüeles Tunnel
  • Santa María I Tunnel
  • Calahonda Tunnel

Tunnels in the Estepona-Guadiaro section:

  • Estepona Tunnel
  • Corominas Tunnel
  • Santa María II Tunnel
  • Casares Tunnel

The scope of the adaptation includes:

  • New fire-resistant electrical installation to ensure the operation of critical systems in case of fire.
  • Reinforcement of the ventilation system installation to improve tunnel conditions and act in case of high concentration of pollutants or fire. 
  • Installation of more sensors to measure concentrations of pollutant gases (CO2 and NO), opacity and air speed both inside and outside, in order to optimize ventilation strategies.
  • Improvement of linear fire detection systems.
  • Installation of the public address system to be able to broadcast messages to users in case of incidents.
  • Implementation of Automatic Incident Detection (AID) through the CCTV cameras of the tunnels.
  • Installation of new variable signage equipment to warn of any incident to users.
  • Installation of access barriers to all tunnels for closure in case of emergency.
  • Improvement of SOS post technology.
  • New Toxic and Flammable Liquid drainage system

We work day by day for your safety. Bet on safety in your travels!!

Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

In adverse weather conditions such as wind, hail, or rain:

  • Reduce speed
  • Increase the safety distance when necessary
  • Brake gently
  • Pay extreme attention to the road and drive aware of the layout
  • Turn on the crossing lights: to see and be seen

Do not stop your vehicle in the traffic lanes, in case of emergency stop on the shoulder always keeping in mind that there are service areas or tolls where you can stop.

Driving in Summer

On the Costa del Sol we have more than 320 sunny days a year, that’s why we want to give you some brief tips for driving in the sun:

  • If your vehicle has been parked in the sun, ventilate it a few minutes before starting to drive.
  • If it’s very hot, drive with the air conditioning on.
  • If the sun is very direct, use sunglasses. This way you will avoid solar glare.
  • You should hydrate continuously. On long trips always have water or refreshments at hand. Ideally, stop every hour and a half to refresh yourself with a drink and stretch your legs. 
  • Do not leave your pets alone inside the car even if it’s just to have a coffee.