Corporate Social Responsibility

From the outset, Autopista del Sol has supported projects to rehabilitate, preserve and construct landmark buildings in Málaga, Estepona, Mijas, Casares, having contributed more than €3 million for the improvement of our community.

Málaga Roman theatre

Contribution to preserve and restore the Roman theatre in Málaga – €542,668.21

Corominas megalithic cemetery

Contribution to build the interpretation center at the Corominas Megalithic Cemetery €901,528.09

Church of the Incarnation in Casares

Contribution to preserve and restore the Casares church – €1,419,990.69

We recently signed an agreement with Estepona City Council Ayuntamiento de Estepona to landscape and upgrade four islands at intersection 155, which contributes to the economy and enhances the area where we operate. This project included planting trees and installing lights. We work and invest to maintain the town’s image, so it may retain its status as the “garden of the Costa del Sol.”