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Roadside assistance

At Autopista del Sol, we believe that safety comes first, which is why we have a roadside assistance service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can contact us whenever you need through our Control Center available 24/7 at  900 859 661

For the greater safety of our customers, we have SOS posts located at the entrances and inside all tunnels.

In case of an accident, remember to follow these steps:

Prevent, Alert, and Assist (PAA)

Also, keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Stop as soon as possible, in a well-visible area.
  • Turn off the engine and signal the vehicle by turning on the emergency lights and setting up the emergency triangles.
  • Put on the reflective vest before exiting the vehicle.
  • Call for help by dialing 112.
  • Turn off the engines of the involved vehicles.
  • Do not move the injured, except in case of fire or risk of falling. In the case of motorcyclists, you should never remove their helmet as you could cause them injuries.