Successful hazardous goods accident drill in the Casares tunnel

On Monday, November 27th, the Casares tunnel, located at PK 147 of the Costa del Sol Toll Highway, became the scene of a hazardous goods accident drill. This drill is part of the periodic drills that we carry out at AUSOL in coordination with emergency services.

The exercise consisted of simulating a traffic accident inside the tunnel between a hazardous goods truck carrying chlorine bottles and 4 vehicles. Due to the strong impact, two bottles broke, causing a gas leak of chlorine in addition to multiple injuries of varying severity. Gaseous chlorine is a highly corrosive and toxic gas for people and the environment.

Due to the complexity of the accident, it was necessary to activate the Emergency Plan for the Transport of Hazardous Goods of the province of Malaga, requiring the establishment of the Operational Coordination Center (CECOP) and the deployment of the Advanced Command Post (PMA) together with the AUSOL tunnel control center for the coordination of all operational groups.

A total of 92 personnel and 48 vehicles from the following emergency services and operational groups participated in the exercise: Civil Protection, Government Sub-delegation, Emergencies 112, GREA, CES 061 Malaga, Civil Guard, National Police, Autonomous Police, Provincial Fire Consortium, Marbella Firefighters, Environmental Agents, Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, and AUSOL.

From AUSOL, we want to thank all the people and organizations for their participation in the organization and development of the drill.