JUN 4, 2020

Ausol has collaborated during the state of alarm declared by the Government related to the COVID-19 crisis with the “Operación Balmis”, organized by the Spanish Army to cope with the pandemic.

Autopista del Sol has released from its tolls those buses given by ALSA transport Company for the transfer of military personnel, civilians, patients infected by the virus and medical equipments.

The Army´s mission has been called  “Operación Balmis”, as a tribute to the humanitarian expedition led by Francisco Javier Balmis   between 1803 and 1806, a military doctor who brought the smallpox vaccine to American and Philippines to end the infant mortality caused by the virus in the overseas territories.

This agreemet highlights Ausol´s commitment to society in general and to the Army in particular, and represents recognition of the work that the Army is carrying out in this crisis situation.