With Vía-T, you can pay without having to stop the car. Autopista del Sol has a dedicated fast lane for Via-T users.

This sign identifies the fast lanes where you can go through a toll plaza without stopping. Say goodbye to the queues!

With this electronic payment system, you can benefit from the existing discounts and the advantages of being a regular user.

Get your Vía-T device from Bip&Drive. It’s a fast, easy way to get a Vía-T transponder. Ideal for all types of trips; are you an occasional user of the toll road, or do you use it every day? No matter how often you travel, there are lots of advantages. With Bip&Drive, you can use toll roads without stopping in Spain, France and Portugal.

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Autopista del Sol accepts payment with any Via-T device from any bank or authorized supplier. They include:





Not sure how to install your Vía-T device? Find help here.