JAN 26, 2022

Autopista del Sol, on December 22nd, presented the first edition of the Ausol Health and Safety Awards 2021. This program will be held annually to encourage the involvement of Ausol professionals with Safety, Health and Welfare.

The aim of these awards is to increase the level of safety in our assets, as well as to find implementable good practices that contribute to the prevention and promotion of road safety. The competition launched at the end of November ended in December 2021. This award was open to any employee of Autopista del Sol, individually or in teams of up to 3 people, participants could submit up to 2 solutions that contribute to reducing occupational risk in highway activities. These solutions can be, among others, newly created procedures or the improvement of existing ones, improvements in equipment, innovative ideas, identification of new risks, etc. with the aim of providing new and effective good preventive practices for the improvement of health and safety conditions at work.

This recognition arose from Ausol’s Health and Safety Leadership team when defining and establishing the objectives for 2021, a call for the “Ausol Health and Safety Awards” was proposed, which would serve to encourage the involvement of the professionals of the concession with Safety, Health and Wellbeing, as well as to recognize their commitment. The ideas received were submitted directly to Ausol’s Health and Safety Leadership Team, who validated and reviewed all the proposals received and their viability. The criteria followed for the evaluation of the different ideas received were:

o Impact: risk reduction potential.

o Simplicity: ease of implementation.

o Resources: economy of resources required for its implementation.

o Transferability: potential for implementation in various departments.

o Level of development: degree of development of the proposal.

Andrés Alonso de Linaje Margarit, Head of PRL and Road Safety, thanked the participants for their involvement and highlighted the importance of this program “we want to thank you for the continuous work that you demonstrate every day acquiring and promoting a preventive culture in our company according to the daily tasks carried out in Autopista del Sol” said Andrés.

The winners of this first edition were: Ángela García Ferrín and Alicia Aguilar Rojas, from the Toll Control department, who presented a proposal for the use of laser virtual signs through projectors to increase the safety of workers and increase road safety.


The award ceremony was held at the concessionaire’s offices and the finalists were Manuel Tamayo Zambrana and Neila Garrido Vila. 

Ángela García, explained the importance of having received this award, and commented that “Every little idea adds up” and encourages all her colleagues to join this initiative “Commit to safety!”. In addition, Alicia Aguilar affirms that “it is not only gratifying to receive an award like this but also to feel that all employees have a lot to contribute and that we are a vital part of the machinery of the concession. Thanks to everyone’s ideas, every day we try to improve and put all our efforts into making the experience on our road the best possible. In addition, Andrés Alonso, Head of PRL and Road Safety explains that “this award is a reflection of how things are done in this dealership, we are a big family that rows as a team”. Juan Marchini, CEO of  Ausol, reminds us that “Health and Safety is everyone’s business. Together we achieve innovative, reliable, effective and safe solutions; and, ultimately, a continuous improvement of our safety conditions at work”.

From the concessions it is vital to promote this type of initiatives to guarantee and preserve the safety and health of both professionals and users, being this one of the main objectives as a company.


We would like to congratulate all participants and award winners.